I spend too much money on coffee and flights.

My Photographic Memory

The technique has improved, but yet the art has worsened. “We’re now less likely to spend evenings huddled around a leather-bound album revisiting our own images then we are double tapping others’ on our lunch breaks” - Rachel Evan Lim. When I look back at my photographs I want to remember moments, people and conversations. 

Thanks Aislynn for these portraits, you’re forever logged in my photographic memory ;)

• Details •

- Fools + Horses Winnipeg. It was my first time there and it's AMAZING! The coffee is delicious and the storefront is beautiful!
- Downtown Wpg

My Outfit:
Jeans: BDG Urban Outfitters 
Scarf: Aritzia 
Boots: Urban Trail
Jacket: Aritzia 

Camera: Canon 6D

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