I spend too much money on coffee and flights.


You can live your entire life wishing you would have acted, living with regret. I have heard this thought in a series of forms. I think it's inspiration begins to dull amongst the reality of what life actually demands. Whether you're married or you have kids, there comes a time in which your own happiness becomes an after thought. 

If you're young like myself, you have plenty of time to grow up so explore your dreams now. I want to also reverse this statement. If you're older maybe you are running out of time. A wise woman challenged me with this concept of time once. I will forever treasure her for that wisdom. It is up to oneself to decide what his or her every day will look like. 

If you limit yourself, you will limit your success. The first step is to dream, ignore whatever stands in your way. I read a magazine article on a business man who always entered into new fields. If he was unfamiliar with a field it meant he didn't know its boundaries and its restrictions. He was then able to dream bigger than the experts of said field, granting him success. Don't limit yourself. 

My take is that life is a list of priorities. Some people burn themselves out making work their focus. I highly doubt that I’ll ever be rich, but wealth is something I’ve never desired. Passion, travel and God fall at the top of my list. Yes, I’m 20 years old and I live with my parents. My expenses are low and I own more than I should. Call my outlook foolish. Please tell me I’m a kid who doesn’t understand the adult world. I’ll grin and tell you I’m joyful, and I feel loved. Even some the richest people fail to find love and joy. Maybe I’m doing something right.

These are some old portraits that my friend Aislynn took a while ago. You should check out her work! Keep an eye out for a link to her blog. I will post one very soon :)
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