I spend too much money on coffee and flights.

Gloria De Dios

A year ago. 

Sometimes I wish I could hand out free plane tickets so I could literally walk you through a story. There are things I’ve seen that I fall short on explaining with words. I wrote this story to help take you on my journey. One day I hope you experience it first-hand.

The Canadian in the Guatemalan market

A black shadow sweeps over me as I duck my head to enter. The path is narrow and the gravel rolls beneath my feet, kicking up into my sandals. There is a sharp pain I feel with every step, but this aching is no longer because of the rock caught beneath my foot. There is new weight piercing my heart. It is as though I am entrapped in a maze in which every corner leads to a new found hopelessness. Boney fingers grasp my ankles, compromising my balance, but I am left with no room to fall.

 I am tormented by the cries of hungry children, but cannot find the children who cry amongst the crowd. My head pounds as I am forced to listen to the market’s dreadful song that has no chords. The roosters crow, and the sirens of cop cars howl. Dogs bark and the dry rice hisses as it is poured into bowls. “Gooda price, gooda price”, yell the moaning people of the street. They look to me to feed their needs. Their eyes watch me like a hawk watches its prey. The rich colours of fabrics and fruits appear dull as they overwhelm the market stands. The sweet smells of tortillas quickly sicken me causing an acidic taste to form in my mouth. My heart feels as though it is on fire, burning it’s way out of my chest. My breaths are short and sweat begins stinging my eyes. I run elbowing my way through the people looking for an escape. I duck my head, I am out, but pieces of my heart remain forever trapped in the Guatemalan markets.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to partner with Impact ministries. It was amazing to see the hope Impact is bringing to the communities of Tactic, Guatemala. These photos reflect a lot of light, smiles and laughter. 

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