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Minimalist or Materialist?

This past week has definitely been one of reflection. Often, it is very easy to claim that I want to live a life of minimalism. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that I’m drowning in a pile of stuff. On the weekend I road tripped to Clear Lake to help my parents move out of our family cottage. Hardwood floors were put in and gaudy light fixtures and curtains removed. I found myself wishing we could stay. It’s funny how quickly my brain can return to it’s materialistic state. 

To me minimalism isn’t about getting rid of everything, it’s about getting rid of the items that no longer add value to my life. These items hinder my potential. It’s about understanding the tradeoffs. So yes, it could be argued that a family cottage is value adding. It took me the weekend to refocus and realize that it’s not about the building. It is the place and the people that have added value to my life.

Here's a shoot I did on the weekend with Alexa. She adds so much value to my life, I will keep her ;) . I'm looking for people to shoot portraits with. Send me an email if you'd like to get some free portraits. (my contact info can be found on the "Me" tab). 

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