I spend too much money on coffee and flights.

Hey, I’m a Travel Bore

Buying an iced coffee is eventful if I’m not in Winnipeg, but instead I'm sipping it along the Amsterdam canals. To come home and have to explain nine weeks of days, of moments to anyone is ridiculous. Chances are you’re not interested in hearing 63 days of me drinking coffee, getting on airplanes, and reinventing my iTunes playlists. Quite frankly, even I couldn’t listen to myself talk about every story and memory I have from Europe. One of the best and worst parts about travel is that memories are almost impossible to describe effectively. Like many people I will die trying to make you understand. I will forever drone on about my young years spent swimming in waterfalls and hiking down sinkholes. 

I hope you enjoy these pictures of my 2016 travel highlight reel.

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