I spend too much money on coffee and flights.


I will have you know we were in Switzerland six days and every day it rained. Trudy and Andrea kept apologizing for the "bad" weather. I just laughed as I'm one of the few people I know who loves the rain. The way I see it is the rain is the perfect excuse to visit all of the best cafes in Switzerland - often eating four desserts a day and drinking four rounds of coffee. I'm not exactly sure what made me fall in love Switzerland. Maybe it was Andrea, or Trudy and Theo. Maybe it was the fact that I ate four desserts a day. Even as I look out the plane window I see snowy mountain tops poking out from the clouds. I could happily live the rest of my life here. Now I'll let Alexa tell you a little bit more about our stay as after all we got to stay with her family.

- Brooke

 It was beyond incredible getting to see my mommas hometown - the small little town, with a rather large beautiful home. I'm forever grateful for the wonderful family and friends that took us in. Trudy and Theo were beyond generous and didn't let us pay for anything. They took us out for many rounds of coffee and dessert, they took us to see the mountains, and the small town Lucern. It's always super nice staying with people while travelling because they feed you all too well. We arrived to chocolates on our pillows, followed by two servings of dessert, and yet coffee with more dessert later that day. We had delicious homemade food (zopf, rösti, and bircher muesli). We even had one dinner with Andrea that included about 15 different cheeses and some potatoes, apparently that was a Swiss meal.  We will definitely be replicating that supper when we get back home.

Although the weather was beyond crappy, leaving that place we all said we would one day learn German and move there.

- Alexa
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