I spend too much money on coffee and flights.


What we did:
- Oia
- Fira
- Catamaran: Red beach, White beach, hot springs
- Kamari/ black sand beach
- Rented ATVs

What we ate:
- Gyros
- Chillbox (frozen greek yogurt)
- Tzaki
- Greek Salad
- Chicken souvlaki

What we learned:
- Oia:Very touristy. You can go cliff jumping here
ATVs are tourists main source of transportation

Alright Santorini, not sure I have the words to properly describe you. One thing we can all agree on is that Santorini is a very magical island. We were blessed to have a superb host who organized and set up absolutely everything, making our stay as enjoyable and easy as possible. We arrived late the first night, and in the morning awoke to a view a photograph cannot do justice. We rented ATVs for the first two days which was loads of fun and very handy. We headed to the black beach, and let me tell you black sand is killer hot; especially when we are unprepared and don't bring towels - oops. We finished the day with some unreal food; having gyros that were only two euros, and some frozen greek yogurt for dessert, we truly were in paradise.

The following day we woke up and headed to hike a mountain. I absolutely hate climbing up hills and am not sure what inspires me to always keep climbing. We then headed to the beach one last time and then to Oia for dinner. We heard that they had the best sunsets... apparently all the tourists got the same message as we were all crowded at the edge of the town to catch the best view of the sunset.

To end our time in Santorini we headed for a day at sea on a catamaran. I don't think Brooke really knew what she was signing up for as she gets a little motion sick. Actually, I don't think anyone of us really knew what we were signing up for. I think we pictured something more like being on a yacht for the day, but it was something more like a sailboat. To say the least it was supposedly a calm day on the water and the entire day it felt like the boat could have capsized. We saw a white beach and a red beach, we got to go into the hot springs, and snorkel (there are no sea creatures in Santorini, honestly).

We met some awesome people while we were here between our host Markos who was super helpful, a couple from New York on the catamaran, and our neighbours at the Airbnb from Boston.

Santorini had stellar sunsets, vivid views, fantastic food, pleasant people, wonderful weather, and much much more. Santorini very much so felt like a vacation to the max and it was beyond difficult to say goodbye. It is safe to say that Santorini has been added to all of our future vacation destinations.

Much love,
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