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Last Day in Dubrovnik

(overlooking Dubrovnik)

And I'm ready for our parents to begin shaking their heads as they read this next post (or more like Anna's mother). I have to take you back a little to explain the full story...

It was our last night in Dubrovnik and we decided to go out for a nice steak dinner, as we were all so tired of eating homemade chicken salads, chicken sandwiches, chicken parmesan and chicken quesadillas. After dinner we headed back to the apartment to pack as we had a flight to Athens the next day at 2:30pm. You see, normally for each flight we check in online; we get an email, follow the link, and our boarding passes are sent straight to our smart phones - fast and convenient. So, we pulled up our emails. Alexa and myself opened the emails with our flight information. As the website was loading very slowly Alexa and I came to the conclusion that we would be better off to check in upon arrival at the airport. Then there was Anna. Anna could find no trace of her flight to Athens. This is when the panic started setting in. So basically here Anna is with no email in her inbox or trash, and no credit card statement proving the purchase of her flight to Athens (did the flight purchase even get processed?). Now to add to the fun we can't make phone calls throughout Europe . 

Staying hopeful we headed to the airport early the next morning to sort out the mess. Sure enough Anna was not recorded as a passenger on the flight. So as Alexa and myself had flights we were faced with the dilemmas of 1. Do we get on the flight? 2. How do we get Anna to Athens? and 3. When? 260 euros later Anna purchased a ticket to arrive in Athens three hours later than us. Now it gets better, as I sit in the Dubrovnik airport Anna is currently on her flight to Athens while Alexa and I wait for our flight that has been delayed five and a half hours (thanks Aegean Airlines). Here me and Alexa were planning to have a nice swim and hot tub before Anna's arrival in Athens. Currently, we are living off of Haribo starship mix and peanut m&m's figuring out life (what business we would like to open and when).

People always text me after I post about travel complication stories. The texts roll in saying "how awful, that sounds like the longest day ever". Now don't feel too bad for us, after all did I mention my flight is delayed in Croatia.. And that flight that is delayed is headed to Greece. Haha pretty sure we are doing just fine.  

Cheers from the Dubrovnik airport where our 15 minutes of free wifi expired six hours ago (*we clink together our free bottles of water courtesy of the worst airline ever). 

Hold on I just boarded the plane and got a free ticket to any Aegean Airline destination - new favourite airline? Europe trip 2k17 here we come? Sorry Anna. 


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