I spend too much money on coffee and flights.


To start off, Croatia wins for having the bluest water in the world (at least out of the parts of the world I have seen). Although Dubrovnik is much smaller than Split, it is the perfect vacation destination. Even I put on sunscreen (which is a rare occurrence) as the sun radiated crazy temperatures everyday. In the wonderful refreshing water you can see everything that is swimming beside and underneath of you. Dubrovnik consisted of joining some Italian boys in some volleyball in the ocean, as well as me and Anna trying to acquire a taste for beer (as Brooke already has a taste for it). We did ocean swimming, lots of climbing of hills, enjoyed the views, and lastly to end Dubrovnik with a bang, me and Anna (both afraid of heights) went in the air, higher than the hills/mountains, parasailing (please enjoy Brooke's photos of the horror in our eyes). Now they wouldn't let me and Anna split the parasailing cost so I just put it on my MasterCard and Anna would pay for my dinner that night. As we are all sitting around the dinner table on the water, forever grateful for the steak dinner we all just ate. Our waiter comes around with the bills and Anna puts her card in and the waiter proceeds to say it says incorrect pin. Brooke then says "how funny would it be if she brought the wrong MasterCard" (Anna and Alexa have the same MasterCard)?. Well, haha (not so funny for Alexa) Anna brought the wrong MasterCard, looks like parasailing and the steak dinner were both on me. 

Tata Dubrovnik, we would like to come back.

Xoxo Alexa
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