I spend too much money on coffee and flights.


Well despite almost missing our flight, the day actually turned out pretty well. We got to fly with Air Berlin for the first time. It turns out that this airline gives out giant free Lindt chocolates at the end of every flight (so it is safe to say we have a new favourite airline).

We had the opportunity to stay in a beautiful, large flat very close to the centre of Split. Unfortunately the closest beach sort of sucked, the water was beautiful but the ground was a slab of cement. Wanting to try another beach, the next day we decided to hop on a ferry to the beach of Bol. Bol had some spectacular water and although the sun didn't feel all that hot we later realized that we were fried to a crisp in spite of our sunscreen efforts (actually let's not lie Brooke was the only one reapplying sunscreen). The following day was very rainy, and not all that nice. We decided to take a day just to relax in the apartment. This day was beyond enjoyed. Our bodies needed the day to rest up. So, we all slept in, ate breakfast, and an hour after waking up Anna and Alexa proceeded to have a 2 hour nap. Lots of Netflix and lots of food was enjoyed.

On our final day we went with two elderly tourists from England and a tour guide (Denice) to Krka Lakes; the National Park. This was definitely a highlight of everyone's trip. The waterfalls were a chilly 10 degrees but we were determined to swim. We started a little trend, no one had gone swimming, but as got out of the falls people started trickling in.

Later that day, as we were sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee we connected our phones to wifi. We found an email from our Airbnb host. She was concerned as we were supposed to sign out at 11 that day. A classic little miscommunication. We contacted them immediately and there was a mixup with the dates. Our host was gracious enough to give us another day.

We have had a few hiccups while we were here, but that's bound to happen a few times on a 9 week trip, just very glad that everything ended up working out, thank you God.

Lots of love,

What we learnt:
- Croatian beaches are very rocky and are seldom walk-in accessible, definitely recommend heading to one of many beautiful islands if your wanting an ideal beach day
- Go out and see the attractions, split is beautiful but can easily be seen in a day. If you want all that Croatia has to offer use split as a place that can take you to the national parks to see spectacular scenery.
- So far it has been nearly possible to find Sangria in Europe, we suggest making it yourself (WE DID)

Where we went:
- Krka national park
- Bol (on the island of Supetar)

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