I spend too much money on coffee and flights.


We were welcomed into Vienna by the most lovely airbnb host. Thank-you again Jennifer!

After going to bed in Hamburg at 2 am and then proceeding to wake up at 5 am to catch our early flight, it is safe to say that we were very dead our first day. Even though we were exhausted we did not want to waste any time. So, we walked around Vienna all day. We got some delicious pizza for lunch. Later we wandered through the beautiful garden and city shopping centre (Alexa continually wished she had more money). We cooked chicken caesar salads for dinner, and got some ice cream for dessert.

Day two consisted of us sitting by a canal in a nice patch of sand. Closing our eyes we were almost convinced that we were in Mexico. Later we hiked up to the vineyards in our sandals. Looking over Vienna we drank one of the smoothest, locally made red wines (that we would like to add was half the price of water.

Alexa, Anna & Brooke

Where we went:
- Buggarten (park)
- Danube Canal
- Tel Aviv Beach
- Eis Greissler (Ice cream shop)
- Weingut Wein Cobenzl (vinyard)
- McDonalds :)

What we learned:
- Vienna city centre is not all that big, and many of the major attractions are very walkable
- Tap water is drinkable and very delicious
- It is worth the hike up to the vineyards where you get both spectacular views and very cheap and delicious wine

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