I spend too much money on coffee and flights.


"I'd buy that if I had the money", seems to be the ongoing joke as this trip continues. It is my pleasure to inform you that we use this phrase all too often. Alexa has told Anna and myself that with her extra money she will be flying back to Winnipeg first class, she will be purchasing Ray-Ban Clubmasters and aviators, and will also be buying herself a Tiffany ring, shall I go on... I think she may be failing to realize that the money in her chequing account is going down, rather than increasing.

Today we are in Amsterdam and I have to tell you that our first impression of this place was quite disappointing. This reaction may have had something to do with being overcharged for our taxi ride, the fact that we were h-angry and all the groceries stores were closed, or that Alexa dropped her Mastercard (by God's grace we came across it two minutes later). 

Thankfully, the next morning we were able to get out of bed ready for what Amsterdam had to offer. Amsterdam is quite different than London. To give you an image, every London boy who boarded our Amsterdam flight  was already drunk and ready to party. The nightlife is crazy. I can honestly say that we can no longer differentiate between the smell of a cigarette and that of a joint (as marijuana is legal here). During the days we often chose to grab a cup of coffee or some gelato while sitting along the canals. 

We have all found a new love for parks. The beautiful Kensington park in London and a lovely park 5 minutes away from our apartment in Amsterdam (Vondelpark). We spent an entire day in Vondepark working on our base tans/burns for Croatia.

At first we said we could see ourselves living in London, and we are now saying we could see ourselves living in Amsterdam. I'm pretty sure we will find it quite easy to live in any place that we come across on our journey. Now off to Berlin we go. 

Alexa, Anna, Brooke

Where we went:
- Cafe Oslo (YUM)
- Coffee Company
- Vondelpark - nice place for burgers along the path
- Cheese Museum :)
- Van Gogh Art Gallery 
- Canal Belt

Things we learned:
- Always ask the estimated price before getting into a taxi 
- Be brave or stay away from night time flights! Arriving in a new city at night can be daunting especially with luggage in hand

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