I spend too much money on coffee and flights.


As unfortunate as it is that we only had a day and a half here, it is a blessing in disguise. No pictures can capture the view, no words can explain the beauty, however, our bank accounts can show the cost. Venice is a very expensive place and quite frankly in that sense one and a half days is plenty. It's safe to say this is the most beautiful place we have been yet; between the canals, the water, and finally the beaches (we have all been waiting for). Although we have been on a vacation for almost three weeks now, we have been go, go, go. Today felt like the first time we really got to go on a typical beach vacation; we're not complaining. We relaxed on the beach, went on a ferry ride, and we did lots of walking (as per usual). The day ended with a nice gondola ride (huge thanks to momma and poppa Mospanchuk).

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