"Time to waste, time for unplanned conversation, time for biding our time”- Peter Block


We need to consistently check ourselves to see if the path we’re on is still the right one - and if it’s not, we should take back charge and change track. - Eva Lim

Unfortunately, stress is inevitable. You will face stressful weeks, maybe months, hopefully not years. For me, this week has been very overwhelming. As one of my friends described, it’s as if we walked into a battlefield with a gun but no bullets. She said this after we both wrote the worst exam of our lives. So much time and effort had been put into studying. My frustration towards this exam just added to the other emotional and financial stress I was facing. So I’m here to encourage you when life is just not going so great. Here is how I stay composed when my brain is internally spinning. 

I ask myself what now?
Please do not to take your life too seriously. Give yourself credit where it is deserved. Instead of sitting in my exam and beating myself up, I gave myself a break. Take the moment your in and ask yourself from this moment on what can I do? For me, it was simply accepting that I had options. For some I know this isn’t easy. Sometimes we screw up and our brains like to spiral into worst case scenario mode. Instead of blaming yourself about the past, look forward with positivity. 

I like to meditate.
When I’m stressed I turn to God. I find comfort in knowing someone much greater is looking out for me. I know that not all of you share my religious beliefs. So instead, let's talk about the concept of meditation. Recently someone introduced me to an app called Headspace. Headspace challenges people to take 10 minutes every day to just stop (seriously, try it out). More recently i’ve also found hot yoga to be a great form of meditation. Whether it’s prayer, journaling, headspace, etc.. take just 10 minutes a day to gain perspective. 

I do my best to stay optimistic. 
No one likes a grouch. When your under stress please try not to take it out on the people around you. We all do this which only escalates the stress we are facing. Pessimism spreads like wildfire. Do your best to remain optimistic, looking ahead for relief. For instance if your midterm is Wednesday think about how great life will be on Thursday. If you can’t see a source of relief in your future it’s time to reevaluate and refocus your goals. 

So for me this was a long week, but it was also a good week of reflection. Keep it classy and do your best to handle stress like a champ. 

Sometimes when I'm stressed out I'll just flip through some of my favourite pictures. 
Heres an old shoot that turned out a little ridiculous and amazing. 

ps: If you ever shoot with us you are in for a real treat. Good luck keeping us focused.  
I shot one-on-one with Aislynn for most of the day. Check out her new blog post on 
"Changing" by clicking here . She's pretty rad. 

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