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Valentine's Day Massacre

Very quickly a heart can become ugly and love can fade. I won’t pretend to be an expert in the field of love. Nah.. I’ll let all your friends meddle in your love life. This February I appear to be an outcast among many sour valentine's spirits. People glare as my actions fall just short of throwing heart shaped confetti in the air. At work I may have hidden 15 valentine's puns behind the bar.. including the sayings “I love you a latte”, “you are brew-tiful”, and “if you were ground coffee you’d be Turkish because you are fine”. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciated my intelligent puns. Countless people have been sure to tell me why they hate Valentine's day. So, I compiled a list for you titled “Valentine’s Day Massacre”. These are the reasons people tell me Valentine’s day should not exist at all. 

1. February 14th reminds me I’m still single 
2. It promotes materialism. It’s just another reason to spend too much money and own too much stuff. 
3. It puts negative pressure on a relationship 

OK guys I get it. Sorry, but I refuse to join the pity party. So forget about the Ben and Jerry’s you were planning to eat by yourself while you cried watching the notebook February 14th. You may be single. Maybe your heart is broken. Possibly you hate chocolate, roses and the countless pink and red symbols of the season. It’s time you hear me out. 

Maybe some of your friends need a little extra love this year. May you use this day to bring joy to those who are lonely. May we celebrate a day filled with love, not just romance, but unconditional love for friends, family and God. This Valentine’s day choose to count your blessings. 

I do know that love requires sacrifice and trust. One day I intend to find it. I hope one day you find your special someone. Until then may you give love and joy to everyone else in your life. 

Happy Valentines day *insert heart shaped confetti here*

- Brooke 

In the spirit of loving your friends a big shoutout goes out to my friend Sydney. It just so happens that she shares her birthday with Valentine’s day. So, happy birthday girl!  I miss you tons Syd Critch. May God continue to use you in the most wonderful ways. Safe travels in Thailand and Nepal. 

ps: I ate a cupcake in celebration of your birthday. You’re welcome. 

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The beautiful cupcake is from Jenna Rae Cakes
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