"Time to waste, time for unplanned conversation, time for biding our time”- Peter Block

Moden Wreath Making

“We need to reclaim time, to have time on our hands, time to waste, time for unplanned conversation, time for biding our time”. Peter Block said that. 

I just think this quote is so dreamy. The song Stay Alive by Jose Gonzalez immediately comes to mind. These past five weeks I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands. With a month break from university the noise in my life suddenly came to a standstill. I’ve had time to sit in Make cafe and just draw for hours. I had time to laugh as I saw my friend’s little girl smile with a face of chocolate and sprinkles. I cooked gyros, and shamefully enjoyed watching the Bachelor. I crafted and hung a modern wreath on my wall. I think these small moments are those that we all need to live for. Days that are set apart and not blurred together. Days that exhaust your heart and mind in the most beautiful way. 

Before the break I would get home from university or work drained. Usually a shower or a show on Netflix was my quick form of solitude. I find it disgusting when my mind aches from a day that lacked meaning. A day that I wasted because I was overwhelmed with tasks. So, as I enter this next semester I have promised to give myself more time. 

I hope you find some time for yourself this week. Reclaim your time.

• Details •
Canon 70D

wreath supplies:
- Wooden wreathe form: I used a five dollar wooden crochet ring from Michaels Craft store
- Assorted greenery and flowers from Academy Florist on Corydon. 
- Some metal wire —> this can be purchased at dollarama
- Pliers  
- A friend like Alexa who will craft with you, and a friend like Will who will provide a killer iTunes playlist :)

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