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Happy New Year!

To some extent I’m always disappointed when 12 strikes the clock turning the day into January 1st. I guess the notion is more or less anticlimactic for me. Maybe I’m just annoyed that I haven’t found the Jess to my Rory Gilmore to kiss at midnight. Starting off a new year is meant to be exciting and motivational. It’s a time of reflection, and a time to better oneself. At first, my New Years resolutions felt quite forced. It was as if the fire works had gone off, but I quickly looked to floor instead of celebrating the light show. So, here we are on January 5th and these are the resolutions I came up with…

I want to laugh more than I did in 2016. I’d like to create more, draw more and cook more. I need to love more and fall in love with more. I have to take care of myself spiritually and physically. I want to give more and own less. I will drink more coffee, sleep under more stars, and hike more mountains. I want to feel exhausted and alive in the most wonderful way.

I’m quite happy with this list, and I’ll do my best to live up to it.

• Details •

Canon 70D
Canon EF 50 mms/1.8 II Camera Lens (would not recommend this lens, and will be easing it out of my collection)

we are basically a walking Aritzia catalogue in this shoot. Main pieces such as the red plaid jacket, my black peacoat and Alexa's brown scarf are all recent Aritzia purchases.

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